Sara (Nico) Mendoza ☻

Hi! Welcome to my carrd! I’m Nicole also known as Nico, Sara, Nicky and more! Have a look below!

Little about me

• age currently-18
• Language- Spanish, English
• I love to read
• enjoy trying new things
• education major, coming soon

Fandoms, things I like!

• Harry Potter
• Percy Jackson
• Troye Sivan
• Hamilton
• Dear Evan Hansen
• Anime
I enjoy much more, those are top few for the moment!

Shows watched/ watching

• Supernatural • Naruto • Blue Exorcist • Death Note
• Mob Psycho • Queer Eye
• HunterxHunter • Saiki K • FullMetal Alchemist • Boys over Flowers • Once Upon A Time
• The Dragon Prince • OHSHC
Again there is a lot more!

Last small note

feel free to DM, Email, or contact me any shape or form, important/ casual conversation accepted!


✌︎Without changing a part of me, how can I get to heaven?✌︎

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